Saturday, June 23, 2018

The Recording Process for a Soloist

The Process for recording a Soloist is quite simple. 
Step One:
The Soloist will come in and play his/her songs on his/her instrument; the manner in which it is recorded will depend on the instrument, and the preferred sound for the album.  If it’s a digital piano (a keyboard on a piano sound), than it will be recorded direct; meaning without a microphone, as the keyboard will be plugged in with an instrument cable.  If it’s an acoustic guitar it will be recording with a microphone, even if it’s an acoustic-electric guitar, because the high end studio microphones will produce a better sound than the transducer in the guitar.  If it’s an instrument that will be recorded with a microphone the Soloist will have to wear headphones during the recording if he/she is to be playing with a metronome.
Step Two:
After the recording is done the Studio Engineer will mix and master the recording.
 …and you have a finished album.