Saturday, June 23, 2018

The Studio Recording Process

Recording in a music studio can be a detailed and complex experience. It can be intimidating... 

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DW drum kit and Fender jazz bass  Read More →

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Studio Recording Studio Recording

In the Studio we can record just about anything. Any form of music can and has been recorded in this studio; from a single instrument solo album, to a full production album, to demos; Rock, Pop, Jazz, Country, Worship, Hip Hop, Classical, whatever style you play we can make you sound great. Whether you’re a band that wants to recorded... [Read more about this service]

Live Recording Live Recording

  Spring Hill Recording has the equipment, the Engineers, and the experience to record your band, church service, school play, or whatever you need recorded on location.  Live recording is an art of it’s own, with over 10 years of experience recording live events; Producer/Engineer Jeremy Womer can capture your live sound in an almost studio... [Read more about this service]

Miscellaneous Miscellaneous

  Whatever your recording dreams are, Spring Hill Recording can make them come true.  With over 15 years experience in studio, live recording, and as a recording musician, Producer/Engineer Jeremy Womer can give your project the pro sound your looking for.   So bring your Miscellaneous/Specialty/Non-Musical Projects to Spring Hill Recording.   For... [Read more about this service]

Mixing and Mastering Mixing and Mastering

    If you have a recording that needs to be mixed and mastered, Spring Hill Recording can help.  Having your recording mixed and mastered by an experienced engineer with the proper equipment makes the difference, and gives your recording that pro sound you’re looking for.        Read More →

Studio Musicians and Singers Studio Musicians and Singers

    If you are a Solo Artist who needs some Studio Musicians and/or Singers on your recording Spring Hill Recording can be both your Studio, and your backing band; which saves you a lot of time, money, and energy. And with all of their experience playing, singing, and recording; you can rest assured your songs will sound great.    Read More →

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